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Remove Repeated Embedded D365 Email images stored as data


Free to use, once your solution is installed. The Scanner conducts a thorough analysis of your existing D365 email data, detecting any replicated embedded images that are stored as data. It then provides an estimate of the potential data savings. Upon licensing, the Scanner operates continuously, automatically identifying all embedded images.


Upon obtaining a license, the processor shall proceed to extract all embedded images and substitute them with a singular reference. Despite the reduction in data, the email shall remain visually unchanged as D365Shrinky shall continue to display the embedded images seamlessly. This process shall not affect the email’s functionality in any way. The end result shall be a visually identical email with a significantly reduced data footprint.

Step 1

Download Solution

Step 2

Install Solution

Step 3

Open D365 Shrinky App

Step 4

Calculate Space Saving

Step 5


D365 Shrinky

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